What is Counselling & Psychotherapy?

What is Counselling & Psychotherapy?

Counselling & Psychotherapy facilitates the creation of a professional relationship between a qualified counsellor and a client, the purpose of which is to provide the client with a safe, confidential place where they can talk safely about losses, stresses, confusion, conflicts and other difficulties in their life. Counselling & Psychotherapy is not about judging, giving advice, making diagnoses or giving evaluation reports.


Counselling Vs Psychotherapy

Counselling looks at the issue presented by the client and the turmoil and hurt which it may have caused in the individual s life. Counselling empowers the client by helping them gain clarity and awareness. It is particularly useful in helping the client to resolve more short term issues.

Psychotherapy, while looking at the presenting issue, also deals with the root of the problem, delving deeper into the raw emotions to find their cause, e.g. a fear rooted in childhood. Psychotherapy helps the client find a long term resolution of their issue by giving them insight into the origin of the problem.

When attending sessions, the client is not obliged to opt for either Counselling or Psychotherapy. Each session may integrate both of these approaches depending on what is called for by the client or the issue.