Hello world!

So here goes, my first blog… it may seem like it’s a simple feat for most people to write a few words but is been a long journey to get me to this point to write my first blog. Mainly because I had a huge resistance to writing it as it’s not something that is in my generational beliefs from my family of origin. My experience is that you shouldn’t speak well of yourself, in fact you shouldn’t speak of yourself at all. You should be more humble to the point of undermining yourself. That’s not to say that my family aren’t great, they are great! They just don’t speak about how great they are! The same way they expect me not to speak about it and I’m sure their parents before them didn’t speak about their greatness either.

Actually I’m probably being too presumptuous by speaking about greatness as it’s not even that extreme, it’s just acknowledging yourself in any positive way, like self-promotion, that’s a no no! Even if it is a fact your talking about!

You see I come from a typical Irish family where speaking highly of yourself or speaking of yourself at all is not expected or encouraged. It makes them feel uncomfortable as they feel it’s boosting or blowing your own trumpet to others. The Irish are humble and usually undermine all of their achievements and talents. A nation that suffers from low self-esteem, maybe we have played the underdog one too many times? That’s why I feel the American YES WE CAN attitude and positivity feels too difficult for us to swallow because it is the other end of the spectrum.

So you can imagine that putting myself out there to promote myself in terms of my business went against my internal belief system. And by extension this blog was part of that resistance!

How could I possibly preach to people that it’s good to feel good about yourself but yet not to say it out loud or acknowledge it in the company of others. My whole business centres around challenging people’s low self-esteem and low belief in themselves. My own counselling/coaching journey as a client challenged my low self-esteem and negative beliefs about myself, and I did it successfully. But it’s not the type of work that is ever completely finished it is an ongoing continuous observing and tweaking, trial and error. Of course I did a lot of the heavy work at the start of my counselling journey but every so often I will be met with a small bit of resistance that I then I have to question myself about. My honesty with myself usually prevails in these types of scenarios. Which it did on this occasion too.

But what are the consequences of not acknowledging our individual greatness (yes I said greatness, in for a penny in for a pound!)? Are we denying ourselves and the world of our full potential? But what if we could achieve a happy medium, say where we would not necessarily sing our own praises but maybe just start by acknowledging our own talents, attributes and skills. It’s about realising what we have to offer the world. If we really acknowledged our fullest potential maybe we could achieve greater things in our lifetime!

So here I am conquering my fears and old generational beliefs by writing this blog and acknowledging my talents and skills as a Therapist and Coach! Hopefully I can help you do the same in your life so that you and the world can benefit…