“I have to” V’s “I want to”

“I have to” verses “I want to!

The power of these three little words when put in front of anything is underestimated!
Think about any task you’ve had this week was it a “I have to” task or a “I want to” task?
The added pressure, resentment and resistance that comes from “I have to” as opposed to “I want to” is clear to see/feel.
My perfect example of this in action is this blog. You may or may not have noticed that it’s late, very late. This is my “I have to publish a new blog” thought which caused so much mental blocks and resentment and pressure that I could not bring myself to do it, so I kept putting it off.

So I really needed to snap out of it and remember all the reasons “I wanted to create a blog” in the first place.
I wanted to challenge myself
I wanted to put my voice out there
I wanted to more interactive with my potential audience
I wanted the real me to be seen (not just professional me)

These are still all valid wants so how did they turn into one big “I Have To”.

Well all it takes for any “I Have To” mentality to take over is to simply forget why you want to in the first place.
Getting back to why you want to do anything is the best motivator of all.
Instead of thinking “I have to eat healthy” you just have to remind yourself that you want to eat healthy.
I want to eat healthy because I have loads more energy when I do.
I want to eat healthy because my overall health is at its optimal level.
I want to eat healthy because I look and feel better in my clothes.

All of this sounds and feels better than just condemning yourself with one big “I Have To…eat healthy, stop eating junk food.
So take the time to listen to your thoughts and see if you have any “I Have To’s” to amend and pay particular attention to any New Years goals you may have and how you approach them as you are much more likely to succeed at achieving them if you want to as opposed to having to.
Having challenged my biggest “Have To” has given me back the great feeling of “Wanting To”.
Hope you all have a Happy New Year x

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