Personal Journey

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My Journey

I am in an extremely happy place in my life now. I am happily married to my wonderful husband, we have two healthy and happy boys, I live in a beautiful home and I have built a successful business.

This wasn’t how my journey started though… I credit all my happiness and achievements to date to my willingness to try counselling & psychotherapy when I needed it the most. My counselling journey began when I’d reached a deeply unhappy place in my life where I couldn’t see a way out. I was experiencing another bout of depression which usually lasted 6 months at a time and had occured cyclically for years. This time though I had decided to take responsibility for myself and my emotions and seek out the support I needed.

That support was counselling & psychotherapy. It was a very difficult first step but I have never looked back. After a year of therapy I had already begun reaping the benefits of counselling and I decided that I wanted to be part of other people’s journey’s to happiness. I imagined that if I could be a small part of helping one person in their time of need that my life would have been well spent. As I continued to attend counselling I also began my journey to becoming a therapist and in the 11 years since I began it has been a major part of my life whether it be personally or professionally.

My Journey Continued…

After years of purely Counselling & Psychotherapy I decided that I also wanted to help people not just with their past/present emotional situations through counselling but also with taking action in their present/future lives. This thought lead me to finding Executive & Life Coaching. As with Counselling I began my Coaching journey applying what I was learning personally first as I am a firm believer in never asking anyone to try anything you are not willing to do yourself! The results I achieved and the feeling of fulfillment was amazing, I needed to spread the word. So here I am in a different capacity but essentially wanting the same result, to help others find their own truth and happiness in life.

What does this mean for you as a client?

As a client of mine you will be listened to, heard and understood. My life experience has given me a non judgmental outlook which enables the growth of a strong coaching/therapeutic relationship. My years as a client in counselling and a student of coaching have given me a unique insight and empathy into the transformation process from both chairs. My formal/college education has equipped me with the knowledge of the theories and facts but my informal/counselling education has equipped me with emotional intelligence and a highly tuned intuition. These skills combined together with my passion to facilitate change in people enables me to best support you to develop into the person you truly want to be in a live you love to live! Just as I did, and continue to do.