Don’t Clean, Cleanse!

If you ask anyone that knows me they will tell you that I’m not the tidiest person they know! My car, my room, my house! I clean as an afterthought to life, feeling like there are better ways to spend my time like meditating, running, or sleeping. I still believe there are better things to do in life than clean but lately more so than ever I have realised the impact of not cleaning is far greater than I had originally thought. The environment I spend my time in greatly effects my energy levels, thought processes and general well-being. When you look around all day observing things you should’ve, would’ve, could’ve done it drains your energy and leaves you with a negative feeling that “I’m a person that doesn’t get things done”¬† “I let things slide” “I’m not proactive” These thoughts can feed into a self fulfilling prophecy where you do indeed become these thoughts.

So being the believer that I am that thoughts become things I had to challenge myself to think the opposite of myself. “I get things done” “I am on top of things” and “I am proactive” and to kick start these thoughts into action I began with changing my behaviour first, as in CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). I changed my behaviour which in turn would change my thinking. So I began with my clothes. On hearing a fellow coach, Clutter Coach Karen Brown’s philosophy “Have less, do less, BE more” and also say that you should only be surrounded by things you love I decided my wardrobe was the best place to start. I used the same principal when addressing my wardrobe, I went to each piece asking myself “Do I love this item?” “Does it make me feel good about myself?” If the answer was no then I would discard it. I ended up with 10 shopping bags full of clothes!! I drove straight to the clothes bank with them and I have to say the whole experience felt great! It Didn’t feel like cleaning it felt like cleansing, freeing me up to be the best version of me. Now I can only possibly wear things I feel good in, look good in and represent who I am.

Since then I have¬†decluttered my cosmetics, lotions and potions collection. So again I’m only left with make up that I know looks good and feels good. I have let go of items I was holding onto “Just in case” I needed it. The process of letting go of things is a hugely rewarding one. When I started I thought it might be good idea to have a cleaner space to live in. Now I realise it has impacted the person I am because of how I choose to live in that space. Why not try it for yourself, give yourself the space you need to become the best version of you. You will reap all the extra space, energy and feel good thoughts/feelings as your reward.

If you need help de cluttering your life contact Karen Brown